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Some steps to take after a car accident

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you suffered injuries in a car accident in Florida, then you may be wondering how the insurance process will play out. First, it’s important to remember that crash victims should, to the best of their ability, take certain steps both immediately following the incident and not long after it.

Exchanging information, documenting the crash

First, the parties involved in the crash should determine if anyone needs an ambulance. Even in the absence of serious injuries, and even when everyone appears to be cooperating, one should call 911 for the police. The police can at least provide a report that victims can send to their insurance company.

Another essential step is to gather information on the crash. Victims should write down what happened and get the name and number of any eyewitnesses. They should get the police officer’s name and number, too. Any vehicle damage or injuries should be photographed. All the while, both side should limit their conversation with one another and neither admit fault nor lay any blame on the other.

Knowing what insurance coverage applies

Florida being a no-fault state, most victims will have their losses covered by their personal injury protection insurance. Auto insurers in this state also offer uninsured and underinsured coverage for obvious reasons, though having this is optional.

There are times when victims can file a third-party insurance claim. Under Florida’s tort threshold, these claims are possible in cases where the victim suffered a permanent injury, was severely scarred or disfigured, has temporarily or permanently lost a major bodily function or died. If they qualify, victims (or the family) will then need to see how much they could recover in damages in light of the state’s negligence laws.

Legal help during this stressful time

You incurred a serious personal injury and are planning to file a claim. In that case, you may find that having a lawyer makes a big difference. The lawyer may strengthen your case with the help of investigators and medical experts and may also handle all settlement negotiations.