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Are You Considering Divorce?

A Tampa Bay area law firm since 1995. Located in the heart of Wesley Chapel, FL

Affordable, Low Cost, Reasonably priced, Results Driven, Flat fee option, Family law Firm. Diligent, experienced, hardworking, aggressive representation. Have you been served? Are you thinking about filing? How best to proceed? How best to protect your children and your assets? Is your home and 401K a marital asset? You can pay for just the assistance you need.

  • Legal advice from an experienced trial attorney
  • Limited representation at a hearing or mediation
  • Full, aggressive representation if you need it
  • Agreement and Document review

We can help you in a contested or uncontested divorce where you do not have the resources to hire a law firm for the entire case. We offer unbundled services in which we help you for portions of a case, a specific hearing or complex motion but do not represent you for the entire case. We can represent you at a reduced reasonable flat fee. We can provide the following:

  • Consultation with an experienced civil trial attorney as to a specific area of family law or as to a general family law issue.
  • Complete document review if you have been served with papers or if you wish to bring a petition for dissolution.
  • Develop strategies for completing a financial affidavit, the most important document.
  • Discussion and analysis of the divorce process and the likelihood of success or failure.
  •  Complete form preparation in an uncontested divorce where the parties agree on all issues.
  •  Preparation of a marital settlement agreement or parenting plan when all the parties agree. Filing documents with the court.
  • Trial prep or hearing prep with experienced trial attorney to help you present your case at hearing before a judge without representing you at the proceeding.
  • Consultation for mediation strategy. Cases are won and lost at mediation. Consult with experienced trial attorney to create strategies for winning at mediation.

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No divorce case is too big and no divorce case is too small. Our firm can handle the entire case or respond as issues arise. You decide what we do. Phone and video conferencing available for free initial consultation.

We are available for a free consultation. You decide if we can help you. We accept all major credit cards. A divorce can expose you to liability that can last your entire life time. Child support. Alimony. Equitable distribution. Division of all the assets you have worked so hard for.  Why go it alone? Call Craig Now at 813-906-5492. You can also contact us online.