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How can wrongful death claims help family and loved ones?

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2020 | Firm News

Wrongful death legal protections are an important legal resource for struggling families coping with the unexpected loss of a loved one. When a loved one has been wrongfully killed in a car accident or other type of accident, wrongful death legal protections can help surviving family members with their emotional and financial damages.

When a fatal accident has been wrongfully caused by a negligent driver or other negligent party, a wrongful death claim for damages can hold the negligent party accountable and help family members with their damages. The negligent party may be liable to compensate surviving family members for the losses they have suffered because of the negligent driver’s carelessness.

A wrongful death claim for damages is brought on behalf of the lost loved one’s estate for the benefit of surviving family members such as the lost loved one’s spouse, children, parents and some other family members depending on the circumstances. Specific damages available through wrongful death legal protections depend on the circumstances and characteristics of the victim but certain types of damages may generally be available to compensate family members for the loss of support and services, lost prospect of inheritance and funeral expenses. 

Families who have suffered the unexpected loss of a loved one in a car accident may find themselves facing unexpected financial challenges in the midst of the loss of their loved one. Surviving family members should be aware of the support a wrongful death claim can provide as they face a future without their loved one.