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Common Questions We Hear About Accidents, Injuries And Compensation

At Craig J. Olsen, P.A., Attorney at Law, we understand Florida personal injury claims. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions to help you learn about this area of law. Please contact us with all your additional questions.

I Was In An Accident And My Neck Hurts A Little, But Not Much. I Don’t Really Like Doctors Or Lawyers. Should I Just Wait And See If It Gets Better Before Making This Something Bigger Than I Think It Is?

Injuries often don’t manifest their full impact until some time has gone by. If you wait to get medical attention, you may have trouble convincing anyone that your pain was caused by an accident weeks before. Therefore, we urge you to get a medical evaluation as soon as possible after an accident. Then if your pain increases, you will have a baseline record to work from. Talking with an attorney is also advisable to learn about the nuts and bolts of injury claims. With a free initial consultation, you have nothing to lose.

I’ve Been In An Accident And Don’t Know Where To Start, To Get My Expenses Covered. What Should I Do?

  1. Call for help.
  2. Get medical attention and follow doctors’ advice.
  3. Gather any evidence you can: photographs, eyewitnesses’ contact information, a police report and a doctor’s report.
  4. Contact an auto accident lawyer or slip and fall attorney to help you prepare to file an injury claim or lawsuit, if appropriate.

I Have Car Insurance That Is Supposed To Pay For Damage To My Car As Well As Medical Bills. So, Why Do I Need To Get A Personal Injury Lawyer Involved After I’ve Been Injured In A Crash?

Your insurance policy spells out your coverage, but it does not indicate how hard it can be to get benefits when you need them. Insurers are notorious for putting up roadblocks for people trying to get their rightful benefits after a car accident.

What Happens If I Was In A Motorcycle Accident But I Wasn’t Wearing A Helmet?

In 2000, Florida repealed the universal helmet law for motorcyclists over 21 years of age. Motorcyclists over the age of 21 are free to ride without a helmet, but the state requires that they have a $10,000 medical insurance policy that would cover their injuries if they were in an accident.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident and you were not wearing a helmet, the court may consider this factor as a contributing cause to your injuries. Therefore, the damages you receive may be less than if you were wearing a helmet.

I Was Hurt By A Hit-And-Run Driver Who Has Not Been Found Yet.  

You may have uninsured/underinsured motorist (UI/UIM) coverage on your own auto accident policy. An attorney with experience can help you discover all sources of compensation after a hit-and-run accident.

Will I Need To File A Lawsuit And Take Someone To Court To Get Compensation For My Injuries After An Accident?

Most personal injury claims are settled out of court. Insurers may pay sooner and pay more when experienced attorneys – with records of strong results above and beyond typical slip and fall settlements – bring claims.

I Was Bitten By My Cousin’s Dog And Had To Get Stitches. I Don’t Want To Sue A Family Member.

Homeowner’s insurance offers a safety net to cover unfortunate accidents such as dog bites. Bringing legal action against a friend or family member is a legitimate way in this case to get access to benefits that you need after an injury such as a dog bite.

I Don’t See My Question Here. 

Please bring it to our attention at Craig J. Olsen, P.A., Attorney at Law. Call 813-906-5492 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation.