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Getting Fair Compensation For The Disabled After An Accident

Many handicapped individuals have significant mobility issues. Injuries often occur when safety features such as handicapped ramps are negligently constructed or maintained. When we think of a car hitting a person in a wheelchair or a slip-and-fall accident harming a blind person walking down steps with a flimsy handrail, we may feel instant empathy. This is a natural human reaction.

However, people with disabilities often face unfair outcomes in personal injury cases. Sentiments that most people would have do not necessarily translate to just compensation through settlements or verdicts. A personal injury attorney may need to fight extra-hard for injured plaintiffs who had disabilities before an accident. Many handicapped individuals have significant mobility issues. Injuries often occur when safety features such as handicapped ramps are negligently constructed or maintained

Overcoming Avoidance Tactics

Perhaps you walk with difficulty because of multiple sclerosis, and you slipped on a greasy surface in a grocery store. Do not be surprised if the store’s insurer tries to avoid paying on your premises liability claim by implying that your disability, rather than the obvious negligence by the store management, was the cause.

Was your autistic child injured on faulty playground equipment? The school or park administration responsible for the upkeep of the play equipment may say that your child’s autism was the real cause. They may use this as an excuse not to pay for your child’s injuries caused by a defective slide or swing set.

At Craig J. Olsen, P.A., Attorney at Law, we are familiar with every excuse and avoidance tactic used by negligent parties and their insurers when people with disabilities have bodily injury claims. We are prepared to fight back to overcome every unreasonable defense tactic. We have experience and a strong track record getting financial justice for people with all types of disabilities after they have been injured.

Making Insurers Pay For Legitimate Losses

Besides the excuses and scapegoating that often come against an injured disabled person, the full impact of an injury must not be overlooked. Our law firm is ready to fight to make sure your real expenses are accounted for. For example:

  • You or your child may need an expensive new wheelchair after yours was damaged in a crosswalk accident.
  • You may need more therapy than usual after your physical or mental disabilities have been made worse through a fall injury, a burn injury or a motor vehicle accident.
  • You may need the services of a personal care attendant (PCA) at home after suffering an accidental injury, whereas previously, you lived independently despite your disability.

In whatever ways your needs are now more serious, a personal injury claim against a negligent motorist, property owner or security services company should take into account your true, full losses. Our law firm is up to the challenge – for your sake.

Put Our Experience To Work For You

With more than 25 years of law practice and a track record of success, our slip and fall attorney is ready to tackle your case when the topic of your disabilities before the accident presents special challenges. We are confident that we can overcome resistance and document your losses in detail. We are committed to getting good results for you if you have a viable injury claim or lawsuit. Let us evaluate your case and begin designing a strategy for success. You are not alone; we are on your side. Call 813-906-5492 or send an email inquiry to schedule a consultation.