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Pursuing a wrongful death claim in Florida

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2021 | Personal injury

No one is prepared for the death of a loved one in a sudden, unexpected event, such as a car accident or medical malpractice incident. The sudden death can have long-lasting impacts on a family in Florida. There will be emotional challenges in addition to potential financial challenges as well. When families in Florida are impacted by these types of events, they may be able to pursue legal options.

Wrongful death claims

In Florida, when a person’s death was caused by the negligent or reckless acts or omissions of another party, pursuing a wrongful death claim may be an option for the deceased person’s surviving family members. Although pursuing such a claim may not necessarily help the family to “move on” quickly from the incident from an emotional standpoint, a wrongful death claim is intended to help the family recover financial compensation that can help lessen the impact of the monetary loss associated with the loved one’s death.

In most wrongful death cases, one of the main factors is proving what the deceased person would have earned in income over the course of a normal working career. This shows, in fairly exact figures, just how the surviving family members have been impacted by the death that was caused by the defendant’s acts or omissions.

Representation for a wrongful death claim

At our law firm, we understand the emotional turmoil and financial difficulties that families are going through in the aftermath of the sudden and unexpected death of a loved one in a tragic accident. We work to get our clients the compensation they deserve in wrongful death cases. For more information about how we attempt to help families in Florida with these types of matters, please visit the wrongful death overview section of our law firm’s website.