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Man runs stop sign causing bicycle accident and flees

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In Florida, many people ride bicycles on the state roadways. Drivers are expected to share the road with them and do so in a safe manner. That includes adhering to the traffic laws and yielding as the law requires. Even with those fundamental rules, there are many drivers who fail to drive safely. That could be due to distraction, speeding, negligence, drowsiness or being under the influence. To make matters worse, some will hit a bicyclist or cause a crash and then flee. People who have suffered personal injury or lost a loved one in this type of wreck should be aware of their rights.

Driver charged with hit-and-run after sparking crash that injured bicyclist

A mid-afternoon accident led to a 26-year-old man being arrested for hit-and-run. The crash happened at shortly before 3 p.m. According to the investigation, the man was driving a 2007 Kia station wagon when he ran a stop sign. He hit a second vehicle. The collision caused the Kia to go out of control and hit the bicyclist. The rider was seriously injured and rushed to the hospital. The driver of the other vehicle had minor injuries. The Kia driver got out of his vehicle and ran away, but later turned himself in to law enforcement. He faces multiple charges including driving without a valid license and fleeing the scene of an accident with injury.

The aftermath of a bicycle accident can cause myriad problems

Since riders are exceedingly vulnerable to injury and death, it is important that they and their families are aware of the litany of challenges that may come to the forefront. With serious injuries and a hospitalization will come major medical costs. A person who was hurt could be off the job and unable to earn income as before. In addition, family members could be tasked with caring for their loved one. Insurance companies might make an offer to settle the case, but that offer is rarely sufficient to encompass everything that was lost in the present and could be lost in the future. With a hit-and-run crash, it is even more essential to have legal assistance.

An experienced personal injury legal professional may help with a case

As the investigation moves forward, the family of the bicyclist should be aware of the steps they may need to take. Before speaking to the insurance company, it is beneficial to consult with a firm that understands bicycle accidents, their causes and how to gather evidence after a hit-and-run. Calling for advice is the first step toward moving forward with a personal injury claim and being fully protected.