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What to keep in mind in the aftermath of an auto accident

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Being injured in a slip and fall accident, a car crash or suffering harm in another accident may be frightening, confusing and painful. But you can harm your ability to pursue a valid personal injury claim if you do not take important steps.

Medical care

Your health comes first. Significant injures are not always obvious. It is important to seek medical care to assure that any injuries you suffered are promptly treated.

Also, failure to have injuries documented after an accident can harm your case or diminish your compensation claim. Delay before an injury is addressed and documented may make it harder to prove that the accident caused the injury. Insurers may claim that injuries were caused or worsened by something else.


Photographs and videos of the accident scene and your injuries are important evidence. Our personal electronic devices now give us this ability which may have been unavailable in the past.

You should call the police after a car or pedestrian accident. They can prepare a report which can document the accident.

If you prove that another person was negligent, you also need to present evidence of your injuries and other losses. You should gather and keep medical bills, loss income and missed opportunities resulting from your accident. Note how the injury lowered your quality of life in a daily calendar or diary.

Social media

Social media is a convenient way to share your life with friends. But do not post anything about your accident.

Anything you post may be used against you in your claim. This can include your description of the accident. A photograph of you vacationing or playing a sport, for example, can harm your damages and compensation claim.

Insurance companies

Finally, speaking to an insurance company before consulting with your attorney can also harm your claim. Insurance companies may record conversations, make you admit fault or have you agree to an unfavorable settlement. An attorney can assist you with your case and help protect your rights in these situations and in court.